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Die Verantwortlichen

  • Willoughby und Kuhley
    Willoughby und Kuhley
  • Wilfried Plock mit EBTC Leitung und Daniel Willoughby
    Wilfried Plock mit EBTC Leitung und Daniel Willoughby
  • Rene Schäfer
    Rene Schäfer
  • Pastor Josua Hue Nhat Nguyen und Daniel Willoughby
    Pastor Josua Hue Nhat Nguyen und Daniel Willoughby
  • Missionarin Christine Sears
    Missionarin Christine Sears
  • Missionare Dave und Linda Sweet
    Missionare Dave und Linda Sweet
  • Leiter des Vereins Rainer Schulz
    Leiter des Vereins Rainer Schulz
  • Missionar Dave Sweet
    Missionar Dave Sweet
  • Missionare Daniel und Debbie Willoughby 2007
    Missionare Daniel und Debbie Willoughby 2007
  • Missionare Daniel und Debbie Willoughby
    Missionare Daniel und Debbie Willoughby
  • DIM Missionare
    DIM Missionare
  • DIM Missionare Schmidt Sweet Sears Willoughby
    DIM Missionare Schmidt Sweet Sears Willoughby
  • DIM Leiter Rene Schäfer
    DIM Leiter Rene Schäfer
  • CMH Missionare und Älteste
    CMH Missionare und Älteste
  • Ältester Michael Kuhley
    Ältester Michael Kuhley

EBTC, Eckstein Gemeine, Leuchtturm Freikirche, alles Arme der Psychosekte Grace Community Church von John MacArthur

Polizeisekte Grace Community Church, auch in Berlin vertreten

Manipulation in Freikirchen

Über die Familie Willoughby

Der KGB Agent Johannes Reimer lügt

Die Aussagen aus dem Audio von 2005 von der Uni Bielefeld durch Johannes Reimer sind nachweislich falsch. Reimer traf nicht DeFehr aufgrund einer Stimme Gottes im Kopf, die ihn drängte nach Kanada zu fliegen, und dort folglich durch ein zufälliges Abscannen einer Liste von Geschäftsleuten DeFehr zu entdecken. Auf der Falschaussage basierte jedoch seine gesamte Predigt "Logos und Rhema", was man als „Christ“ alles Grosses erleben und bewirken kann, wenn man auf die hörbaren Befehle Gottes im Kopf Acht gibt. Reimer ist somit erwiesen als falscher Prophet und Verführer, der Menschen durstig nach Eingebungen von Geiststimmen macht. Reimer benutze an verschiedenen Orten diese nachweislich falsche Geschichte zur Verführung von Christen.

Original Audio Johannes Reimer 2005 (zum Download anklicken)
SMD Bielefeld Rede über Logos und Rhema von Reimer aus 2005 mit Falschaussagen über das Kennenlernen mit ArtDeFehr "Mit dem Glauben Berge versetzen"
Reimer_SMD Bielefeld 02_2005_low_qual.mp3 (6.2MB)
Original Audio Johannes Reimer 2005 (zum Download anklicken)
SMD Bielefeld Rede über Logos und Rhema von Reimer aus 2005 mit Falschaussagen über das Kennenlernen mit ArtDeFehr "Mit dem Glauben Berge versetzen"
Reimer_SMD Bielefeld 02_2005_low_qual.mp3 (6.2MB)


Aus dem unten genannten Text geht folgendes hervor:


1)    Der Vetrag, das LCC zu starten wurde am 31.10.1990 unterzeichnet

2)    Otonos Balciunas lud Peter Tielmann ein zu einem Gruppenbesuch in Litauen im Sommer 1990

3)    Diese Gruppe wiederum lud Johannes Reimer folglich dazu ein

4)    Während dieses Besuches im Sommer 1990 ging das litauische Bildungsministerium auf Reimer zu

5)    Da Art DeFehr in diesem Sommer mit Reimer gemeinsam reiste, lud Reimer Art DeFehr mit ihm ein zu dem Treffen in Vilnius

6)    DeFehr kannte Reimer bereits 1989, da Reimer dort zu einem Besuch war mit der MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates)

7)    Reimer und DeFehr machten ein Duzend Reisen in die Sowjet Union zwischen 1989 und 1992


In The Beginning: Background and Vision

Art DeFehr


On a cold and blustery day, October 31, 1990 a protocol of intent to start a Liberal Arts College in Lithuania was signed in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, by Darius Kuolys, Minister of Education and Culture, Otonos Balciunas, Johannes Reimer and myself. The location of the college was identified as Panevezys but the city name was left blank. The Government had recommended Panevezys for this venture, but since many of us were unfamiliar with the city, we wanted to visit it before signing. Since the next day was a national holiday, it was not possible to visit Panevezys first and then return to Vilnius to sign. As a result we all signed, leaving a blank space for the name of the city. We celebrated in the Education Minister’s office with a bottle of champagne and drove out to visit the proposed site. After a successful tour and meetings with local authorities, we filled in the blank and with the deputy mayor of Panevezys, Saulius Varnas, initial the addition – “Panevezys”. The name of the proposed new college according to the Protocol was to be “Liberty Christian College”….


…LCC was born out of political crisis and was in many ways a political act. This would have consequences for many years to come, but, may also be the rationale for its existence. Sober second thought suggested that the name “Liberty” might be too confrontational and we changed it to “Lithuania,” retaining the original initials. Why were these people together in Vilnius on that day? Otonas and Raimonda Balciunas were involved in a local church and relief ministry in Siauliai and had active contacts with various western groups. Otonas will tell his own story but what was relevant was his long contact with the Tielmann family of Bonn who had lived in Lithuania from the 1970’s to the 1980’s. The oldest son Jacob had remained in Lithuania when the family emigrated because he was of military age and was not released by the Soviets. The emerging freedom of glasnost permitted Otonas to visit Germany in 1989. He observed the street ministry of Jacob’s youngest brother Peter and his friends and was inspired to try something similar in his own country. He invited Peter to form a group to visit Lithuania in the summer of 1990 for a youth ministry. The group subsequently invited Johannes Reimer of LOGOS – Germany to join them as the evangelist/speaker. Reimer also had his origins in the Soviet Union and had been active in smuggling Bibles and training leaders. During the 1990 summer ministry, Reimer was approached by the new education authorities as to whether he could help them with new education initiatives, specifically more western-style education. The visit in the fall of 1990 was the response to this request. My wife Leona and I were travelling in Russia with Reimer during that month and Reimer asked me to join him for two days in Vilnius to be part of the discussions. Daryl McCarthy, represented a US-based academic recruitment group, was also in Moscow at the time and joined us. I was part of the group because I owed Reimer a favor. In August of 1989, Reimer had led a group of Canadians associated with MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates) on a tour that covered a great deal of the Soviet Union. Both of my parents are of Russian-Mennonite background and immigrated during the twenties. I met Reimer in May of 1989 in Canada and he offered to show me the real Russia. I had earlier been encouraged by a senior Soviet diplomat based in Washington, DC to explore my Russian roots. Between 1989 and 1992 I made over a dozen trips to the Soviet Union, many with Reimer, and this was one of those occasions. The “favor” that I felt I owed Reimer related to our daughter Tara. In 1989, at the age of 16, she had accompanied me on that first trip back to our roots. She enjoyed the enthusiasm and charisma of Reimer and accepted his invitation the following summer to join the youth group travelling to Lithuania. She met Peter Tielmann on this trip and returned to join the group again the following summer. Tara was baptized by Otonas on August 19, 1991, the same day Gorbachev was arrested in the coup that led to the end of communism. It was in response to this interest in Tara that Leona and I agreed to include Vilnius on this particular occasion. God works in mysterious ways: we-Johannes Reimer, Otonas Balciunas and I found ourselves together in Vilnius in the fall of 1990. Our first meeting was in the Parliament and resulted in the request that we draft a protocol of intent for review and signature by the minister the following day.



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